Sunday, April 27, 2014

Think ObozoCare Covers You? Think Again

Nice little story here out of California.

...Much to her surprise, Michael discovered that Anesthesiology Consultants of Marin was not in her network. 

... Michael said information on Anthem Blue Cross's website indicated that the Marin Hospitalists Medical Group was also outside Blue Cross' network of providers for Covered California customers.

 ...The dawning of Obamacare has resulted in confusion over which medical groups supplying ancillary services to the hospitals — anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists and hospitalists — have contracted with Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross to serve their new Affordable Care Act customers. The insured with these plans must pay substantially more for any service provided by a doctor outside their insurer's network of providers.

In fact, Blue Shield's exclusive provider organization (EPO) customers in Marin must pay 100 percent of the cost for out-of-network services....

Let's remember that the (R) Party has decided to cave on ObozoCare.  That's because they *care* about their constituents, of course. 

HT:  Grim's Hall


Anonymous said...

"Michael said she purchased her insurance directly from Anthem Blue Cross."

Do you even read this shit anymore? Insurance companies have been pulling this stuff forever. Obamacare has nothing to do with anything.

Dad29 said...

Clearly, I can read AND comprehend.

You still have problems with both.