Friday, April 18, 2014

Bucks' Demands Grow

We all know that the NBA has declared the 20-year-old Bradley Center 'unfit for NBA basketball,' which goes to show that the old saying about opinions and assholes is apt.  NBA headquarters is in New York City, by the way.

It's interesting that despite the NBA's condemnation, the Bucks generate a profit.  So much profit that a couple of folks dropped $550 million to purchase them.


Naturally, the usual suspects expected every taxpayer in Southeast Wisconsin to cough up more money for a facility which met the approval of the New York gods of NBA.  Unfortunately, taxpayers in SE Wisconsin are occupied with paying taxes for the benefit of a lot of other folks like *cough* Selig *cough* and the usual cast of ne'er-do-wells inhabiting hundreds of Gummint offices.

So what happens now? 

The stakes get raised again!!

...Marotta said he believes a new venue would need to stand alone.

"In a city like Milwaukee, when you have one downtown entertainment facility, then it can be really viable because it'll have enough dates to generate revenues," he said. "You can't have competing venues in a city of our size."....

Oh.  Not only does *cough* someone *cough* have to pay for a new building built to the specs of a bunch of New York types--but they also have to pay for demolishing OTHER venues in downtown Milwaukee?


This for a team which MAKES money?

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