Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's a Lot More Than Miller Park

The BizJournal will run a story about the $500 million arena problem. 

From the preview:

...Curtis and other local politicians in counties surrounding Milwaukee said they resent what they view as Milwaukee politicians historically demanding that suburban counties help pay for projects in Milwaukee. The prime example of that is Miller Park, where a 0.1 percent sales tax on Milwaukee and four other counties continues paying off the stadium’s construction debt....

Umnnnnhhh, not quite.

THE prime example is the taxation of suburbs to remedy Downtown Milwaukee's poop problem, a/k/a MMSD's "Deep Tunnel."   After having paid billions of dollars, Milwaukee continues to dump poop into Lake Michigan, but now it goes into tunnels first!

More contemporary is Barrett's attempt to have every user of W.E. electricity and Ma Bell phones pay for the City of Milwaukee's ChooChoo to Nowhere.  Only $25 million (!!)

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Is it safe to say you're not a baseball fan?