Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maybe It Should Be "Senile-brenner"?

Ol' Jimbo doesn't really know what's in the legislation he writes.

Like the Patriot Act--which he tells us does NOT authorize NSA spying.


Or his "voting rights" act--which happens to discriminate against white folks.

...“It says if there is discrimination against whites, that’s treated the same way as discrimination against blacks,” Sensenbrenner says in response to O’Keefe’s questions.

That’s not what the congressman’s proposed amendment says....

 Ol' Jimbo has a 50-year-old case of White Guilt. 

He clearly does not understand his own bill,” von Spakovsky told Wisconsin Reporter.
Von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission and an expert on enforcement of federal voting rights, said Sensenbrenner’s push to amend the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 is unnecessary because its language notes “low minority turnout,” where the original law specifies low turnout by all voters.

“When Sensenbrenner says (his bill) doesn’t differentiate between whites and blacks, that is wrong,” von Spakovsky said.

There are about 20 (R) pols who would love to see Jimbo retire.  And probably 50,000 of his constituents would, too.

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