Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Another Wis. (D) Loses in Court

Yesterday, a Fed judge slapped the s*&^ out of the Milwaukee County D.A. for his First Amendment-suppression gambit called a "John Doe."

Today, another court, another Democrat, more slapping:

One of the 11 Democratic state senators who fled Wisconsin for Illinois during the 2011 statehouse showdown over Gov. Scott Walker's union reforms must disclose emails related to the legislative battle, a state appeals court ruled Wednesday morning.

That would be Erpenbach.  Why?

...The case dates back to a March 2011 request from the institute asking Erpenbach to release the emails. The lawmaker provided only redacted versions, claiming that names and addresses from nongovernment accounts were not subject to the state's sunshine law. The redactions were poorly done, though, and it was evident that many of the emails came from addresses ending in .gov, which is exclusive to public officials....

...which is to say that the bloodsucking slime was using tax-funded resources to suck even more tax funding into their bloated bellies.

It will be fun to read all the names when they come out.

And they will.

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