Thursday, May 01, 2014

S&P's FooFoo Dust

S&P released a report indicating that 'large employers' would eventually dump all their employees into ObozoCare.

Then they say this:

...“Neither lawmakers nor the White House originally anticipated the idea that the ACA could provide corporations with an enormous subsidy to earnings,” say authors of the report. “However, once a few notable companies start to depart from their traditional approach to health care benefits, it's likely that a substantial number of firms could quickly follow suit.”...


During the HillaryCare debate, both the "Big Three" and Silicon Valley were strenuously arguing FOR national healthcare so they could be relieved of their healthcare benefit costs.

This is not un-anticipated.  It's exactly what 'large employers' wanted.

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Billiam said...

Happens all the time. In trucking, the large carriers like JB Hunt, Schnieder, Werner and Swift don't care about new regs that stifle productivity, as well as competition. They encourage them, as well as propose them through their proxies. This is no different. No surprise at all.