Wednesday, May 14, 2014

H. E. Listecki Threatens the Loyal Opposition

While Common Core is causing problems with public-school kids, it's also causing a problem with the Catholic schools in Milwaukee.  As some of you know, ONLY the Milwaukee Archdiocese mandated Common Core for its schools; Green Bay, Madison, and LaCrosse politely declined.

Opposition to Common Core is significant in both spheres.  The program's contents in math and literature are particularly controversial.

Now, apparently taking advice from John Chisholm and Francis Schmitz, the Archbishop of apparently mailing lengthy nastygrams to the loyal opposition, complete with threats (!?!) 

Common Core is a Federally-pushed program (take it or lose your Federal aid dollars.)  Numerous teachers' organizations, college professor's alliances, and plain old parents oppose it.  So do some faithful Catholics in Milwaukee.

While the Archbishop has authority over the Catholic schools, his threats remind us of Abp. Weakland's modus operandi.  That's not a good memory to bring back; nor is the name-calling and slanders which have been made by his underlings.

Stay tuned.  This could be fun.

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Simple living said...

Because of the introduction of Common Core, I removed my daughter from Queen of Apostles.