Thursday, May 08, 2014

The End of Prosecutorial Over-Reach?

The Hon. Rudolph Randa has--once again--delivered a body-blow to the Court of Star Chamber gang:  Chisholm, Schmitz, and three minor-league thugs.

The stakes are quite high; Chisholm are now subject to PERSONAL liability for expenses incurred by the aggrieved--and damages, too!

Over the last couple of decades, the term "prosecutorial over-reach" has become better-known.  (One example here). 

When (not "if") the plaintiffs win their lawsuit, there will be a Big Chill in the ranks of the law enforcers who, in a lot of cases, are merely self-aggrandizing popinjays on power-trips.  Some of those are political power-trips, as in the case at hand.  Others are 'criminal' power-trips.

The Rule of Law has almost disintegrated under the Obozo regime.  Perhaps Randa's action will begin the long, slow, climb back to a Constitutional Republic.

We can hope, eh?


Billiam said...

I doubt it will change until the John Doe law is changed. If it's not, it will be abused again.

Dad29 said...

I was thinking national rather than local; the civil suit will be allowed under Federal law.

Some DA's read the newspaper.