Saturday, May 17, 2014

Even MORE ObozoCare Trouble

Yah, well, the website didn't work, and you can't keep your plan, nor your doctor, prolly not your hospital, and the insurers will be given tax money by the ton next year.

Otherwise, all dandy, right?

Not if you have an ObozoCare policy.

The Washington Post has learned that more than a million Americans who signed up for Obamacare insurance policies are being paid too much or too little in taxpayer funded subsidies.

Bad enough, right? It gets worse

The process by which the government informs these taxpayers that they are receiving an incorrect subsidy has broken down, or is not even in place yet. In their unholy rush to sign people up and “prove” Obamacare “works,” the administration has created a monstrously confusing situation that won’t be resolved any time soon....

If you are over-subsidized, you'll find out next year when you do your taxes.  Then you'll have to pay the bill.

Yes, there's even MORE trouble.  Read all about it at the link.

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