Thursday, May 15, 2014

ONE Tax Ends

Unlike the Selig/Attanasio tax, the Packer tax actually ends.

The Selig/Attanasio tax was another product of the Tommy Thompson reign, just like Lynn Adelman and the greatest headcount-growth of State Gummint in our history.

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Anonymous said...

Could it be that, unlike at Miller Park, the post-initial expansion improvements at Lambeau Field were financed by the Packers and not the maintenance fund? I will note that the Lambeau expansion bonds themselves were paid off in 2011, and the tax since has been financing the creation of a maintenance fund designed to last through the current Packers' lease and 2031.

Besides, it is still only projected the Lambeau Field tax will end on either 9/30/2015 or 12/31/2015.