Monday, May 19, 2014

The Business Model of the Abortion Industry

Anyone who saw the "sex-ed" curricula rammed into Wisconsin schools back in the '70's/'80's knew what the results would be.  Now comes the admission from an ex-Planned Parenthood Abortion Revenue employee.

The business model is simple:  1) Get 'em while they're young, 2) establish trust, and 3) sell them the "service".   Cha-Ching!!  You've monetized!!

...Public school sexual education programs run by pro-choice groups “break down the natural modesty (of students), they separate them from their parents and their values … and they eventually give them low-dose birth control pills they know they’ll get pregnant on,” Everett told Progressives Today.

...many parents don’t understand what their children are learning about sex at school, or more importantly, how their kids are being targeted as potential clients by the abortion industry.

“We went to the schools as early as kindergarten,” Everett said of her years working in the industry. During those sessions, sex ed instructors “are planting the seed (in student’s minds) that parents don’t know what they are talking about.”

In elementary schools, the sex ed curriculum utilizes several books – such as Robie H. Harris’ “It’s So Amazing,” “It’s Perfectly Normal,” and “It’s Not the Stork” – to acclimate students to the idea of sex, and to promote sexual behaviors....


...By fifth or sixth grade, the curriculum turns to “talking about having sex” and intentionally encourages a “parents don’t understand you” mentality.

“That’s when we gave them the low-dose birth control we know they’ll get pregnant on,” Everett said. The pills must be taken at exactly the same time every day, something those administering the pills know is very difficult, if not impossible, for most teens, she said.

Inevitably, many young girls become pregnant while still in school. Scared, vulnerable, and conditioned to avoid discussions of a sexual nature with their parents, they call the only people they think they can trust.
When crisis pregnancy counselors at Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics get a troubled young girl on the line, “they … pull out their abortion script and use that to sell an abortion,” Everett said.

By the way, repeat business is best!!

“It’s more deceptive than people realize,” Everett said. “The abortion industry sells and re-sells their product.
“Our goal was three to five abortions per student for every student we could get.”

About 45 percent of women who have an abortion have more than one, she said.

Any questions, class?

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Anonymous said...

And Everett should be believed why?

Everett claims called fraudulent by former colleagues.

Clearly she's found an easier way to become a millionaire than her first try.

Anonymous said...

Buy more Trojans!

Dad29 said...

ONE "former colleague"--we are left to infer that he's a baby-killer--issued a non-denial denial.

Where there is murder, there will be lies. That axiom is far more truthful than whatever the babykiller bunch spews.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:59: One more lefty and lies are alliterative.