Friday, May 16, 2014

Sensenbrenner Worried About Attack Chickens!!

We mentioned that the USDA was purchasing submachine guns (.40 cal) in preparation for ......well.......maybe.......ATTACK CHICKENS!

As it turns out, Jim Sensenbrenner voted for the legislation which allows USDA to establish its own mini-army.  Evidently Sensenbrenner was aware of the ATTACK CHICKEN menace.

He'll be in the district this weekend.  Ask him about ATTACK CHICKENS.  Then ask why he did not vote to de-fund ObozoCare when it counted.  (Fake "no" votes don't count in this game, Jimbo.)  For that matter, why didn't he vote to cut the bloated cesspool that is the US budget?

Finally, ask when he's going to retire to play the lottery full-time.

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