Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Walker to "Settle"? It Fits

Apparently Scott Walker wants to "settle" with the John Doe kleagles.  While much remains to be learned about this "settlement," the legal beagle for the targets of the Doe is very unhappy.

...David B. Rivkin Jr., lead attorney for Eric O’Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth, who are taking on the John Doe prosecutors in a civil rights lawsuit, had much to say on the reported potential deal — and the environment in which it may be created.
Rivkin takes aim at the notion by the left and the prosecutors pushing the probe that Walker’s campaign and the reported 29 conservative groups targeted in the investigation have illegally coordinated.
"Self-appointed campaign-finance 'watchdogs’ act as if the Wisconsin Club for Growth is a proxy for the Walker campaign. They and the John Doe prosecutors assume issue advocacy groups are in cahoots with candidates whose policies they may support and, for that reason, those groups’ speech may be regulated by the government and even subject to criminal penalties. But reporting in today’s Wall Street Journal explodes that myth," Rivkin wrote in a statement issued to Wisconsin Reporter....
We mentioned earlier that Capitol rumors have it that Walker quashed the pro-life bills in the State Senate (i.e., he told Fitzgerald to shut them down) for his own political purposes.
Principles, schminciples.  We have an election to worry about!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't make sense that Walker would be looking to negotiate anything with the prosecutors. Walker isn't a rookie at this crap. He's fought these people his whole public career. The prosecutors have squat and everybody knows it.

What does make sense is that the Schmitz-Chisholm-Landgraf cabal has reached out to who they perceive to be the most reasonable of the conservative groups in order to negotiate a deal to salvage something of their own sorry asses. There's no pressure on Walker to do anything more than smile while O'Keefe and Co. go balls out after the prosecutors. Walker ain't even a primary player at this point, although that certainly won't stop the media from trying to keep his name front and center.

Dad29 said...


I agree that the cabal has much more to lose--including their houses, if the civil suit works out correctly.

but Walker's campaign? one suspects that there's a lot of "stuff" in the emails. not illegal "stuff," but stuff he doesn't want in the Milwaukee J-S