Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Will Paul Ryan Follow Rubio?

PowerLine is usually very restrained.

Not about Rubio.

...Is there a conservative talk show host with whom Rubio has truly leveled about the Schumer-Rubio legislation? He lied to Mark Levin. He dissembled to Sean Hannity...Now it seems that Rubio lied to Chris Crane, head of the organization that represents the brave men and women who fight, against the odds, to enforce our immigration laws...

Paul Ryan has stated that 'the House bill will require border security.'

Let's see how that actually plays out.

By the way, Ryan is the Chair/Budget in the House.  Did his last budget fund a border fence?

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Anonymous said...

Ronnie Ray Gun: "Tear down this wall."

Today's GOP: "Let's build this wall."

We're broke/no we're not. $30b is chump change when it comes to keeping the southern hemisphere out.