Saturday, June 08, 2013

"Trust the Government," Sez Fascist-in-Chief

It's just unreasonable to think the Gummint could be totalitarian, or anything like that, see?

A 2011 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruling found the U.S. government had unconstitutionally overreached in its use of a section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The National Security Agency uses the same section to justify its PRISM online data collection program. But that court opinion must remain secret, the Justice Department says, to avoid being "misleading to the public."  --HuffPo quoted at Hit/Run

"Not only is there nothing to see here, but we'll make damn sure there's nothing to see here."  --E. Holder

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Anonymous said...

And what does the American MSM do? They don't expose any of this. They call it the Bush-Obama White House.

Still blaming Bush works for the clueless lemming liberal pansies who don't love this country.