Sunday, June 23, 2013

NSA "Secrets". Really?

Chapman says here what a lot of other people are saying (myself included):  what Snowden exposed are not "secrets."  

The first [claim] is that these programs were vital in stopping terrorists. The second is that by revealing their mere existence, Snowden did grave damage to national security.

On the first claim, NSA Director Keith Alexander and others have gone into great detail, crediting the programs for foiling some 50 plots. But on the second one, they have been curiously reticent.

Now, it's hard to believe it would come as a great surprise to al-Qaida that American spies might be examining their phone records. Nor is it likely that hardened militants were slapping their foreheads to learn that someone in Washington may have been reading their email or listening in on their Skype chats.

What Chapman didn't mention is that those "50 plots" were largely targeted OUTSIDE the US.

And Chapman doesn't mention that the British are also monitoring phones and emails, and slipping NSA the data they get.  That's significant because the British Gummint does not have to observe 4A rights of US citizens, whether terrorists or not.  Gee--the NSA chief didn't mention that, either!

"Lightbulb" Rogers (R-MI) is going wonzo over the leaks.

Stick your flourescent up your ass, Rep. Rogers.