Friday, June 14, 2013


Courtesy of Belvedere.

...Live reality was treated as a perversion or caricature of “genuine” reality, believed to lurk invisible behind appearances and waiting to be set free by the Revolution. This attitude would enable the intelligentsia to accept as true propositions at total variance with demonstrable fact as well as common sense…. To understand the behavior of the intelligentsia it is imperative to keep in mind at all times its deliberate detachment from reality: for while the revolutionaries can be ruthlessly pragmatic in exploiting, for tactical purposes, the people’s grievances, their notion of what the people desire is the product of sheer abstraction. Not surprisingly, when they come to power, revolutionary intellectuals immediately seize control of the means of information and institute a tight censorship: for it is only by suppressing free speech that they can impose their “sur-reality” on ordinary people bogged down in the quagmire of facts...--D Pipes

Pipes was describing the Russian Revolution's Lefty Intellectualoids.

Has a familiar ring, no?

The concentration of Progressive Thinkers in DC (and in many State capital cities) results in this dissociation problem.  It's not surprising, thus, to read of "strange new respect" afforded to solons who ran 'conservative' but in only a few years of office-holding, begin to vote--even to think-and-speak--"progressive."

Paul Ryan is becoming an example; Rubio's time-line was much shorter; but look at the really damaged goods:  McCain, e.g.

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