Friday, June 28, 2013

Whistling Through the Cemetery

Seems that some Wisconsin bigwigs are not concerned about the DOMA ruling.

Wisconsin conservatives, though, say the rulings leave states free to address gay marriage as they see fit and the decisions don’t change things here.

``Our marriage protection amendment in this state is still valid and will continue to be,’’ said Julaine Appling, president of the conservative group Wisconsin Family Action. ``Wisconsin voters adopted it. Nothing in (the rulings) said we can’t do that.’

And this:

...Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Burlington, said he interpreted the rulings to mean states can set whatever policy they want on gay marriage and he doubted Wisconsin’s ban would change ``any time soon.’’

Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s spokesman said in an email to The Associated Press the rulings don’t appear to affect Wisconsin law...

Good luck with that.  In the very same article, we see this:

...Wisconsin ACLU Executive Director Chris Ahmuty said the chapter is focused on defending the partner registry and isn’t considering any lawsuits challenging the ban, at least not yet. He said challenges to gay marriage prohibitions elsewhere in the country might eventually draw a broader decision from the U.S. Supreme Court that would settle the issue....

Ahmuty knows that the Wisconsin amendment barring gay "marriage" is dead meat walking.  This is not "if."  It's "when."


Tim Morrissey said...

The summation proffered in your concluding three sentences is bang-on.

Anonymous said...

We can all continue to thank Ronnie Ray-gun for Justice Kennedy and his consummate swing vote.

Tartar said...

Allow me to quote GK, to the best of my recollection: "In order for a country to be loved, it must be lovable." (If I am not exact, you still get the drift.) Our country has long ago ceased being lovable in the name of "love." I suppose this is just the nail in the coffin, the road that shouldn't be travelled by, the road of no return.

BTW, I was at the LBJ museum today. He helped launch a bunch of programs, said he, because he wanted all men to love one another, or something to that effect. The same AV display glorified his physical intimidation of the people he dealt with. Somehow, the AV was silent as to for intimidation of the Russkies and the NVLF. I am sure our leaders are much wiser now.