Tuesday, June 04, 2013

IRS "Audit" Is NOT an "Investigation"

A former IRS Criminal Investigation employee:

...although George danced around it quite a bit in his testimony, he did clarify a little that THE AUDIT found no evidence of a political motive behind the targeting. Rep. Kaptur tried valiantly to hammer that point in. That’s not surprising because a TIGTA audit looks at processes. A TIGTA investigation looks at people. An audit can turn something up that leads to an investigation, just like a CPA’s audit of a company might turn up fraud, but IG auditors aren’t supposed to do investigations of people, just as that isn’t a CPA’s function. Those are done by Special Agents. George said they’d be looking for RRA98 violations, and, with Justice and FBI, whether Constitutional rights were violated. In short, the audit didn’t find any political motive because that wasn’t its brief....

Just so the terms are clear, folks.

HT:  PowerLine


Jim said...

Remember that the IG report listed only two terms that were used as flags for audit: "Tea Party" and "Patriot". The liberal group "Patriot" Majority would have been flagged.

And if an audit finds that nearly as many organizations like "Progressive Texas" and "Patriot Majority", both liberal groups, as "Tea Party" groups were "targeted", then why would one need an investigation?

Dad29 said...

It also mentioned 'groups teaching the Constitution' and similar seditious activity, Jimbo.

The audit did NOT find so. The investigation will proceed.


Jim said...

Got a source for that? I've never heard of that, but I'm willing to accept it with a source. Of course, teaching the Constitution wouldn't really be social welfare would it, Dadbo?

Anonymous said...

Educating your Barack dick-sucking ass would be social welfare, Jim. Deal with it.