Saturday, June 08, 2013

"Trust the Gummint", Says the Totalitarian

Obozo tells us to 'trust the government.'

The NSA whistleblower--who revealed the monster phone-tapping scheme--says otherwise.

Binney said the feds’ spying program began in mid-to-late October 2001. It started by pulling in phone records of various U.S. citizens across the country. He estimates the NSA is collecting data on 3 billion phone calls every single day.

And when the Obama administration says it is only collecting bare data, not the content of your phone calls or emails for example, that’s an “outright lie,” according to Binney.

“Their statement about, ‘we don’t have content’ is an outright lie,” he explained, adding that emails, videos and other type of content are also covered under NSA and FBI’s secret “PRISM” program.

We know that the Totalitarian-in-Chief releases "confidential" IRS data to its homo-activist pals.  We know that EPA releases "confidential" data to tree-huggers. It's reasonable to speculate that the Labor Department, or Education, or Energy, has done similar things.

Why not? 

The tagline holds:  Buy More Ammo!  And buy it now!

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