Friday, August 19, 2011

Sykes Doesn't Like Recalls (!!)

Charlie went on a rant yesterday about the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil of allowing recall elections.

He used a script provided by (Fitzgerald brothers, Vos, RPW) pick one...

Went to the old "criminal activity" standby, talked about "uncertainty" and 'the debilitating effect recalls have on politicians', and linked it to "job creations lost"......egads.  Penn State and NASA brought up an alien invasion; I don't know why that wasn't on Charlie's list, too.

This particular recall was perfectly justified.  It was over a substantial issue (PEU bargaining limits), it affected a large portion of the population (~10% of State taxpayers are PEU members) and effected a major change of longstanding (if flawed) Wisconsin public policy.

I happen to agree with Act 10; I would have voted to retain the Republicans.  No matter.

It was telling that Charlie could not get around a point made by a caller to the effect that 'if an (R) Leggie violated major campaign promises such as abortion or gay marriage, would that not justify a recall?'

I heard mumbling and "the language must be precise."

Here's a better solution:  don't change a thing.  Leggies deserve to be tried on their merits, and if they piss off enough people, they're subject to that trial.  I mean, they're not bureaucrats, right?

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