Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The (R) Hijacking of the "Stop Spending" Mantra

In a series of posts with the headline "It's the Spending, Stupid, Part XXX,XXX" we highlighted a few of the moronic, bloated, and disgusting spend-items in various Gummints.

We weren't alone in mentioning the spending; the TEA Party arose in response to Gummint spend-a-holics, not to mention Gummint regulate-a-holics, Gummint tax-a-holics, and the Gummint ninny-nanny-a-holicism which pervades the modern Statist regimes from top to bottom.

The (R) Party, which on paper was opposed to Gummint spending, taxing, and regulation to varying degrees saw an opportunity, and moved right in.

Sweet, eh?


Which (R) Presidential candidate has mentioned "cutting the Federal payroll"?  Which (R) Presidential candidate has mentioned "reducing staff at EPA, Dep't of Education, Dep't of Labor, Dep't of Commerce", (pick one, pick all, pick more)???

We are happy that the Walker Administration has found a way to cut the gross costs of staffing Wisconsin governments.  But the Walker Administration's budget increases the State's full-time headcount.  Is the Governor telling us that there are no positions which are redundant, or that there are no Departments or Department segments which could be reduced or eliminated?  And, worse, that he must increase the number of State employees to 'get jobs done'?

By their nature, politicians like to eat their cake and have it, too.  That's OK, because we all do.  It's human nature.

But sloganeering doesn't cut jack, and it certainly doesn't cut Statism.

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