Friday, August 26, 2011

Perry: Better Every Day

Holy Batman, Robin!  The guy can think without the "help" of the Fortune 50.

Ingraham asked Perry: "Do you think our trade policies have been working for the American family vis-a-vis China or other many of the other countries that have been growing incredibly fast right now?" 

"I don't think our trade policies have been working for years, frankly, from the standpoint of being in the best interest of our families," Perry replied. "Do we need to trade? Absolutely. Am I a free trader? Yes. But I'm a fair trader. Just because we pass a free trade agreement with a country doesn't mean we need to put ourselves at a competitive disadvantage to make their diplomatic people smile at us. I mean we need to be tough traders.  --AOSHQ quoting WeeklyStandard

He conditioned that a bit, of course.  But it's very interesting that he's willing to use the phrase.


Gregory said...

Gardasil? Pro War Party Neocon?
Hello? Are we being sold a pig in the poke?

We have been lied to before, and we are not very good at electing good leaders.

Better to look what he has done
than all the Happy talk.

Let the Record speak.

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14 reasons why Rick Perry would make a very Bad Candidate

Have a nice weekend Dad,

Anonymous said...

It's doubtful this guy makes it to New Hampshire with all his goofy talk. Every new toy shines when it's first taken out of the package.