Sunday, August 28, 2011

Public University? Public-Funded Grants? Be Careful!

The University of Virginia continues to stonewall FOIA requests for "Hockey-Stick" Mann's papers and emails.

Some of the materials have been released:

...UVA has said it will claim exemptions to protect records of a "proprietary nature," which is irrelevant here under Virginia's FOIA law because all the research Mann did has been published, and therefore public. Obviously missing from the fluffy document dump this week were the already-publicized Climategate emails between Mann, East Anglia pals, and other alarmists....

Much has not, and UVA insists that it's not going to release the rest.

That will be interesting.  As some read the statute,

...there is no exemption in Virginia's FOIA for "private discussions between scientists about science" under taxpayer-funded research and institutions....



neomom said...

If the science is so proven, what are they afraid of?

Jim said...

The East Anglia "conspiracy" has been investigated and shown to be absent of any wrong-doing or chicanery.

Why they are holding back, I don't know. If they are afraid of anything, my guess is they don't want common scientific terminology and methods being misconstrued by Fox News and the like to make a big fuss out of their ignorance and agenda.

Dad29 said...

Oh really, Jim?

You read the linked article--in which it's clear that the UVA "scientist" conspired to quash articles critical of his hockey game?

You're beating a dead horse. Gore's day was done about 1 year ago when it came out in the wash.

Too bad we can't sue the bastards for all the tax money they blew.