Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bureaucrats Get Paid to Write Regs, Folks

The regulatory fever is not surprising when you consider the fact that bureaucrats are paid to regulate.  If necessary, to re-regulate--and then, as required, to explain the regulations, re-regulations, and all that sort of stuff.

They're even paid to write proposed regulations---several times, if necessary.

...In December 2009, the agency presented a proposal for addressing pollutant runoff from construction sites of 10 acres or more....

...The National Association of Home Builders challenged the data the EPA used to set turbidity limits, and the agency, conceding a miscalculation, issued a revised set of rules in December 2010.

...Amid further objections from NAHB, the December 2010 revision was withdrawn by the EPA earlier this month, and the agency is now revising the revision.

EPA's first and second proposals would have called for pumps and filtration systems (!!!!) to "fix" the problem, whatever it might be.

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