Saturday, August 27, 2011

D of Labor Oversteps Bounds. What's New?

Below is an item describing D of Energy's arbitrary and capricious robbery of Exxon.

Here's another example of Obamaland Law:

The new NLRB rule requires employers to post notices informing employees of their collective bargaining and organizing rights.  If the company has an “internet or intranet site,” they must also post the notice electronically.

Who’s affected by this rule?  Oh, just every private-sector company that employs more than 2 people, and is not involved in agriculture, railroads, or air travel.  Even if they operate in right-to-work states, and employ absolutely no union labor.  In other words, about six million employers.  No big deal.

Oh, and if at least 20% of your employees don't speak English, you have to post the notice in whatever other language they speak

There's a problem with that.

Under the National Labor Relations Act, the NLRB does not have the authority to broadly impose rules, such as the one issued today. The statute only permits the Board to act when a representation petition or unfair labor practice charge is filed.  --NFIB

Unless The Law is what we SAY it is.

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