Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is Arne Duncan a Hack, a Liar, or Both?

The Secretary of Most Useless the US Department of Education popped off the other day about Texas' education, showing once again why Wisconsinites use the term "F.I.B."

But that term is only a snowball compared to the missiles heaved at Duncan by Time Magazine AND a Dallas Morning News columnist.

...The tipoff that Duncan doesn’t care about facts was his statement about “massive increases in class size in Texas” during Rick Perry’s time in the governor’s office. …

...Secondary math classes averaged 20.3 students in 2000-01 and dropped to 18.5 by last year. Average size of secondary English/language arts classes fell from 20.2 students in 2000-01 to 17.8 by last year.
Anybody could look this stuff up. It’s right there on the TEA website. Duncan surely has a few thousand employees who could help him find it.  [Nice screw-turn there!!!]

The Time Mag-a-Rag item was only a little more kind.

But what about the fact, I responded, that on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Texas’ fourth- and eighth-graders substantially outperformed their peers in Chicago in reading and math?

“I would have to look at all the details, but there are real challenges in Texas. And like every other state, they should be addressed openly and honestly as in Illinois, as in Chicago, and everywhere else.”

Confused? Me too, and I do this for a living.
Remember, you are paying this maroon to "know something" about education.  You're also paying several thousand of his employees to something or other.  Right?

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