Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Government's Core Flaw

This is a very sharp insight:

This is how Big Government operates: limitless debt to fund its ideological preferences, but turned-out pockets filled with nothing but lint when it comes to carrying out Constitutional obligations that might displease certain useful voting blocs.  Money is no object to the desires of the ruling class, but the resources to fulfill their duties are always painfully limited.

So happens that Hayward was writing about the end-around-to-the-Dream Act which Obozo EO'd last week.

But the insight applies to all Big Government schemes, whether GWB's "No Child" or Obama's "Green Cars."  You can find countless examples in State budgets, school budgets, and municipalities, too.  The tendency is to chase dreams with Other People's Money.

GK Chesterton had a line for this:

The moment you step into a world of facts, you step into a world of limits.--quoted at PowerLine

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