Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Innerleckshuls of Yale

Some folks remind us, endlessly, that Yale is........well.......Yale.  A bastion of intellectual heavyweights, and possibly excepting that bunch at the Yahhhd, so damn smart that their heads hurt.

Uh huh.

Remember that time when you first matriculated? And Yale was all like, “Hey guys, no big deal, but we’re going to need all of your personal information. Yeah, that Social Security number? Fork it over. Don’t worry, though. We’re world-class academics. We know not to do anything stupid with it, like make it available on Google, or whatever.


The university announced on Friday that around 43,000 Social Security numbers — belonging to current and former students, faculty, staff and alumni – were released into the Google

Fortunately, many Yale grads are now employed by Government.

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