Monday, August 29, 2011

The Next "Genius" Economic Adviser


Didn't know this, but Obozo's CEA nominee is the same genius who advocated the destruction of ~3 million used cars in "Clunkers."

That move destroyed any chance low-income people had for buying a car to get them to work, because the prices on the remaining used-vehicles skyrocketed.

Genius, indeed.

The linked article has a few other things to say about Prof. Krueger...


neomom said...

Smartest President Evah!!

Just look at his record and college transcripts!

Oh, wait....

Anonymous said...

Assuming they still HAVE a job, we're supposed to believe you're concerned with how low income folks get to work?

What's wrong with the poor using high speed choochoo's with their gummint vouchers?