Friday, August 26, 2011

CERN Research: AGW Is FooFooDust

Well, we all knew it anyway.  Here's the three-sentence summary of CERN's cosmic-ray research:

Do Cosmic Rays help create high-altitude clouds that reflect sunlight - which has a big impact on the Earth's temperature? And have we been seeing fewer Cosmic Rays lately which means fewer clouds and more warming? Yes.

I hear hockey sticks breaking all around.



jimspice said...

Well, HERE'S the TWO sentence summary by the authors of the actual article:

"We find that ion-induced binary nucleation of H2SO4–H2O can occur in the mid-troposphere but is negligible in the boundary layer. However, even with the large enhancements in rate due to ammonia and ions, atmospheric concentrations of ammonia and sulphuric acid are insufficient to account for observed boundary-layer nucleation."

Good thing you have Ace to break that down for ya.

jimspice said...

Forgot the link:

jimspice said...

How about a TWO sentence summary from actual scientists who put it in plain words:

"Initial results from the experiment showed that the bombardment of cosmic rays do indeed cause a change in the creation of aerosols; in fact, by more than a factor of ten. But, even that is not nearly enough to show that they contribute to cloud formation, much less climate change."

Honestly, I don't get why you guys discount the reasoned assessments of 97% of climate scientists. Which way do you think one of these "hoaxters" could attract more grant money; go along with the hoax, or go all whistleblower blower on their asses?

jimspice said...

Here's my comment from AoS:

So this whole post could be summed up as "Calder says they omitted an important graph."

Let's look at Calder, the science WRITER.

You know how you guys always say scientists were predicting global cooling back in the '60 and '70s? Well, scientists were not:

"(T)here were a total of 7 articles in the scientific literature from 1965 to 1979 that advocated the notion of global cooling. By contrast, there were 44 that advocated global warming." (

But do you know who WAS advocating the approaching ice age? Nigel Calder! He produced a global cooling documentary, "The Weather Machine" in 1974, and as recently as 1980 predicted that within 20 years "the much-advertised heating of the earth by the man-made carbon-dioxide ‘greenhouse’ [will fail] to occur; instead, there [will be] renewed concern about cooling and an impending ice age."

Now how did THAT work out for him.

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Anonymous said...

A real man honors his debts, Jim.

Anonymous said...

The notion that pouring billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere causes an accelerated warming effect requires more study.