Monday, May 23, 2011

Who's Agitating in Madison?

The AP article tells us that the 'street-theatre' agitation in the Capitol will continue for quite a while. What it doesn't tell you is that the operation is Union-based and has imported its rabble-rouser from San Francisco.

...The mass protests that hit the Capitol during debate over GOP Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining bill have largely ended, but they have been replaced by smaller groups of die-hard protesters who make their presence known by disrupting legislative sessions on a daily basis.

Their tactics have upset and irritated both sides....

The first Senate disruption was a planned protest organized by members of National Nurses United and a few other activist groups. Organizer Pilar Schiavo said they have turned to different approaches because legislators aren't listening.

Well. Now we learn that rabble-rousing is a paid professional gig!

Schiavo worked for an alderman in San Francisco for a short time. Prior:

Pilar worked to convene a coalition of union, community and city staff to address the SSA No Match rule change by the Department of Homeland Security. Through that work the coalition has initiated a campaign to strengthen the City's Sanctuary status through internal and external education and outreach.

Pilar joined the San Francisco Labor Council (SFLC) as its Political Director in August of 2005. As Political Director, she developed and implemented the SFLC's political campaign field operations, including: worksite education, mobilizing, trainings, precinct walks, phone banking, rallies and actions, voter registration, and all other related Get Out The Vote activities. Pilar worked on all Labor Council legislative priorities including organizing the community/labor coalition that worked to pass Supervisor AmmianoĆ¢€™s legislation to provide healthcare to all uninsured San Franciscans

...wide-ranging labor and community experience working as an Organizer for the California Nurses Association. Prior to joining CNA, Pilar was the Regional Campaign Director for the AFL-CIO's Labor 2004 in Oregon...

...With SEIU 285 Pilar was a Field Representative and Internal Organizer for nursing home and mental health workers throughout western Massachusetts. As a community organizer she built coalitions...

...Pilar graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a master's degree in labor research and relations and has a bachelor's degree in American Multicultural Studies from California State University, Sonoma.


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Anonymous said...

Wanted to take a day trip to Madison sometime this summer. I will totally make sure to take a camera and pro-Walker signs and hold a protest of my own.