Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Few Notes About Travel

Put about 2200 miles under the rubber over the last few days.


1) It's increasingly obvious that some people cannot both use a cellphone and drive at the same time.

2) Cruise-control is a very valuable tool for fuel economy. Why don't more people use it?

3) Buy your gasoline in Oklahoma. Even with the rape/rob prices at Interstate-proximate gas stations, Oklahoma's gasoline sold for 5-10 cents less/gallon than almost everywhere else.

4) There are two industries in southern Missouri: selling gravel/rocks and selling junk called "antiques."

5) The [Governor of the] State of Missouri is cutting its Dep't of Transportation budget by $500 MILLION. This includes laying off 1200 D of T State workers. And you thought Walker was the Grinch?*

6) Wisconsin drivers are NOT alone in "left-lane-lollygagging" practices. Texas has its share. And semi-truck drivers don't win any awards in that category, either, particularly in Southern Illinois.

7) It's only an impression, but it seems that Dallas is still growing. Traffic around the metro, day or night, weekend or weekday, is astounding.

8) GPS systems are handy, but only for the last 2-3 miles. For all the rest of it, I'd rather use a map. MUCH rather a map.

9) What kind of idiot tries to break INTO a military reservation and then starts shooting? A Missouri idiot, that's what kind.

10) Don't travel with 4 women in the same car.

*Edited to reflect what I SHOULD have seen/heard on the television news.


Anonymous said...

Especially if the ladies are Democrats.

Dad29 said...

You mean (D) babes are WORSE?

Anonymous said...

I would add that the percentage of drivers who drive the speed limit or lower nationwide is about the same as the percentage of un-certified votes Joanne Kloppenburg had when she declared victory over Prosser.

Dad29 said...


5-8 over seems to be the norm except for semi-trucks which hang right around the limit.

We did 10 over and several Mounties watched us go by, no problem.

Billiam said...

Imagine the fun I have in a rig governed at 62! Of course, I can stop listening to the 'ladies' by shutting the cb radio off!

GOR said...

"Don't travel with 4 women in the same car.

Heh, Heh. That's what trailers are for, Dad!

Display Name said...

Herp derp. Gosh, such respect for women around here.

RAG said...

Respect for women exists in abundance.

Patience for confinement in closed moving quarters for an extended period of time is another issue.

Anonymous said...

Better to be stuck in a car with four women, than in a car with a loudmouth gaping vagina like John Foust.

Anonymous said...

And the public discourse at Dad29 hits another all-time low!