Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sell Bunnies, Get Lost in Mountains, Sell Yogurt...

Early in the video (at this link) the Heritage people run a graphic to the effect of 'are you a citizen of the United States of Arrest...'

We mentioned the Great Bunny Rabbit Crime; another site has mentioned the Great Yogurt-Selling Crime, and here's the Great Get-Lost-in-a-Blizzard Crime.

Once again, with feeling:


The USFS maintains an office in Milwaukee. Is it a Federal forestry crime to jaywalk, too?


Display Name said...

Wow, slow news day? He was convicted and paid a $75 fine in June 1997.

The judge was not convinced that he had accidentally crossed into the wilderness area. Part of it was that he'd had a previous encounter with a ranger where he assured him that he knew where the wilderness boundaries were located, and had bragged that if he entered the area "nobody would be able to catch him."

In the the appeal, it states that his partner's snowmobile was found well within the wilderness area boundary - where it was stuck before the blizzard and before they got lost.

Anonymous said...

is this your picture?

Display Name said...

Oh, brave Anony! Such funny jokes!