Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is This Misleading, or Ignorance, or Propaganda?

Another article about the Public Employee Crisis, schools edition.

Buried about halfway through:

"What school leaders and unions are trying to do is bring stability to what is a very unstable time, in whatever form is acceptable to both parties," said Jack Linehan, retired Shorewood schools superintendent and executive director of the Southeast Wisconsin Schools Alliance, a group that lobbies for public school funding.

Some districts have a large number of teachers who are 55 to 57 years old, he said. If their contracts expire, "to do nothing doesn't seem right for particularly fine teachers who worked for decades with the expectation of retirement benefits," Linehan said.

He was smart enough to be a Superintendent of Schools and he's implying that 'particularly fine teachers' will NOT get retirement benefits under the Walker plan?



Display Name said...

Surely you understand that someone's benefits would be different, depending on when they leave.

Dad29 said...

Surely you understand Federal law, which prohibits "cutting off" pensions NO MATTER WHAT.