Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coming Soon to Madistan

Best post I've seen on the Klutzenbarge:

After this very repulsive woman(?)Kloppenburg is declared the loser, she will refuse to accept the result. The public service unions and the leftist main stream media will declare her the true winner of the fraudulent election. She will don judicial robes, a white wig and will show up when the court goes into session and claim to be a "justice in exile" of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She will issue her own rulings which will be published, commented upon, and debated by the moron leftist scholars at the University of Wisconsin School of law. Finally, her rulings will be accepted and adhered to by the City of Madison and members of all the public service unions in Wisconsin. Her condition will come to be known as "Kloppenburg syndrome" and will be studied and written about in The Journal of the American Psychiatric Association in the coming years. Eventually Kloppenburg will claim that she had sex with JFK, Elvis and Bill Clinton at the same, was at Woodstock, has a preserved alien corpse from Area 51 in the freezer in her garage time, and claim that Bob Dylan's "Positively Fourth Street" is about her. In the end, she may be correct about being Dylan's muse.

Somebody has a sense of humor, I think.

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Tim Morrissey said...

And she'll tell everyone she was at the Ice Bowl.