Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Guerena Affair

We mentioned this earlier: Sheriff Dupnik's Dumbest Stunt.

ConYank thinks it is very serious, indeed:

I'm not ready to charge the officers in this shooting with murder, but they are at the very least candidates for some sort of variant of a "manslaughter with depraved indifference" charge that should lean to the end of their law enforcement careers.

Take Dupnik with you when you leave, boys.


Anonymous said...

Not arguing with the facts, but your source has it wrong on the law. Depraved indifference homicide falls under second-degree murder, not manslaughter. In other words, saying "I'm not ready to charge them with murder...but go ahead with depraved indifference," is a contradiction-in-terms. Just to be clear.

Dad29 said...

Thanks for the clarification!