Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vote Fraud? Yup.

Kevin has the goods posted here.

One representative item:

In City of Madison Ward 48, one person corroborated (vouched) for three consecutive voters. When asked to write in the corroborator's address, this person listed two different address, that in each case matches the residence of the individual trying to vote

Maybe his/her living arrangements are "fluid"?


m.z. said...

Three possibly fraudulent votes. Somebody alert the media!

There is a difference between vote fraud and ballot stuffing. Everyone is willing to concede there is a trivial amount of vote fraud in each election. What is alleged and not shown is that there is ballot stuffing going on. Based on voter turnout, the most likely places for ballot stuffing are Republican strongholds like Waukesha county. This is why Republican operatives don't make arguments about disproportionate turnout to try and establish ballot stuffing.

Dad29 said...

You ought to read the material Kevin posted rather than fuss over 'three votes.' It's MORE than 'three.' And that survey was not comprehensive.

Please: present statistical evidence that Waukesha County's votes were "stuffed." No one else has done so, but that's because they cannot. It ain't there.

Anonymous said...

It ain't anywhere. Sorta like those WMDs.