Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Reason to Leave Illinois

Besides Illinois' budget problems (it's paying its vendors 90++ days late), its ....ahhhh.....Doyle-esque Gubernatorial history, and Blago--who is reason enough---

There's even more!

The Diocese of Rockford has announced that its Catholic Charities offices will no longer offer state-funded adoptions and foster-care services when the new Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act takes effect June 1.

Because the law did not include an exemption allowing religious organizations to refer adoptions or foster-care arrangements involving same-sex or unmarried cohabitating couples to other agencies, “the Diocese of Rockford is forced to permanently discontinue all state-funded adoption and foster-care operations as of June 1,” said Penny Wiegert, diocesan director of communications, at a May 26 news conference. --quoted at BadgerCath

No to worry; when you leave, ComEd will shut off the lights.

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