Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sumi Does What's Expected

Kangaroo Sumi did exactly what she was elected to do.


Display Name said...

Well, you know, reading the law literally and all that.

Dad29 said...

That's your opinion.

Others disagree, for good reason.

Display Name said...

Sounds more like you had your mind made up before she released her decision. You've read it, understood it, and already formed an opinion? What part of the open meetings law would you like to see struck by some activist judge?

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me--your side lost, the adults won, so get over it, and move on.

Besids, Scalia and Thomas would be proud of Sumi's decision of interpreting the law to its letter.

Oh, those who disagree (like your hero Esenberg) have been thoroughly thrashed lock, stock, and barrel. One only needs to go to his website to learn how even novices and experts put his arguments to shame.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the GOP Teapot Revolution sure blew up in a hurry.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Wah wah wah.

Pass it in the 2011-2013 Budget. Or appeal it to the SCOWI. Either way, we will win.

Dan said...

Umm, John, Sumi had her mind made up before she even heard any arguments.
This is the judge that said kids missing school is no big deal and refused to order Madison teachers back to work during their illegal strike.
Clearly, she is not very intelligent but also a liberal hack and union thug.
Besides, why issue this ruling when the WI. Supremes will hear this case in about 2 weeks? Oh wait, she wants to impress her supporters and needs her 15 seconds of fame.
I think she went to the same schools as Kloppenberg and both schools failed to teach them common sense and the law.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Disgruntled--Hogwash. She interpreted the letter of the law. Scalia and Thomas would be proud. If the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns her ruling on the basis that the Open Records Law is unconstitutional, then they would be employing judicial activism. Why? Because the conservative judges who sit on the bench would be turning their backs on their own ideology.

Get around the fact that this site "offends conservative sensibilities". That is code for "Damn, he's right, but I dare not admit it."

It's too bad that Patrick has his partisan blinders on yet one more time.
Clear, concise analysis.

Dad29 said...

Foley's analysis is wrong.

But lengthy!

Display Name said...

Why is it wrong, Dad29?

Anonymous said...

Because it does not adhere to dad's twisted world view. The tea party was fun while it lasted.