Friday, December 18, 2009

Walker's Campaign Ads Write Themselves

One suspects that perusing the City of Milwaukee's website(s) will give Walker plenty of ammo for the campaign.

Sykes notes this one:

From the city's website:

What services does NCNW offer?

NCNW offers FREE specially packaged "prevention kits" for teens that include:

* 4 condoms of various brands and sizes.

* A packet of high-quality water based lubricant

* A bi-lingual, tri-fold insert that provides comprehensive information about local reproductive health resources and step-by-step, illustrated instructions for proper condom use.

These kits are available for free to teens on an anonymous, walk-in basis at dozens of locations throughout the city. These "distribution sites" encompass a wide-variety of venues, including both traditional: clinical, health focused or community-based sites and non-traditional: entertainment/music stores and venues, retail clothing and shoe stores, coffee shops, barber shops and beauty salons and body piercing/tattoo parlors....

Who is eligible? Who participates in the program?

All Milwaukee youth aged 12 and up are eligible to receive free NCNW condoms on a walk-in, anonymous basis at all Milwaukee Health Department locations and at most partnering community distribution sites.

That should play real well upstate!


Al said...

I want to say that this must be a joke, but clearly it isn't. & I wasn't surprized that the website has a link to Planned Parenthood so the kids know where to go after the condoms fail.

& of course nothing about abstenance, just being sure you are ready for sex.

Disgusting, plain & simple. Beyond that I am almost speechless that tax money is being wasted promoting promescuity.

grumps said...

If you think that upstate=rube you're underestimating rural Wisconsin. They're fighting teen pregnancies in Ashland and Eau Claire, too.

Abstinence Only hasn't, doesn't and won't work. It's time to try something new.

Al said...

Grumps, only if you believe the pro-aborts claims. Many studies have proved just the opposite, including 1 published in a major British medical journal.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Wait a minute, Grumps. Abstinence, if practiced, works.

Pretty effin simple.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Penis kept in pants = no babies.

It works. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Tom Barrett's administration has a current bid out for 2.6 Million condoms.

2.6 MILLION condoms! Based on 2008 census numbers (Milwaukee population 601,692) this is 4.4 condoms for every man, woman and child in the city of Milwaukee.

Forget about parenting...Tom Barrett's administration will take care of sex ed for your 12 year old, including a "bi-lingual, tri-fold insert" with illustrations on how to put a condom on.

Anonymous said...

grumps, how about self control over birth control man.