Thursday, December 31, 2009

Installing Abp. Listecki

The program is here.

On 1/3, Vespers will include the Pater Noster (traditional Chant) and the Salve Regina (also Chant.)

The Mass, on 1/4, will include Proulx's variation on the Agnus Dei of Mass XVIII--a form which is a bit odd.

The choir will sing a few voluntary motets, including Vittoria's Ave Maria (at Communion.)

In general, the hymnody is sturdy stuff, and the Ordinary parts are well-worn and certainly not strange--but nothing to write home about.

Best wishes to Abp. Listecki. Some have already constructed a "honeydew" list for him.......

HT: Berres


Badger Catholic said...

At the Cathedral in La Crosse, they have sung Missa VIII Santus and Agnus Dei with Bp Listecki in the past. Never XVIII though - I was thinking that is for Lent or Advent...

Dad29 said...

You'd be surprised how far the Milwaukee sacred-music tradition has fallen since Rembert.