Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eventually, GWB Figured Out What to Do With Terrorists

While I'm perfectly happy to point out GWB's precedent with the Shoe Bomber as being an error, it's also clear that Padilla (and numerous others) were treated the RIGHT way under GWB.

Obama, of course, reversed GWB policy, erroneously. In fact, it's not only an error; it's likely to be a very COSTLY error. But Obama's foreign-policy experience is limited to running to Copenhagen (with a 50% win rate) and bowing/scraping to potentates. Mostly, however, that experience is ragging on the US.

The long story on the Bush policy-migration is here.

The short?

Why is the Obama administration telling Abdulmutallab that he has the “right to remain silent”? Why are they not interrogating him to find out what follow-on attacks may be coming? Is Josh okay with the decision to let this terrorist, who tried to kill hundreds of Americans, keep his secrets to himself? And will he stand up and defend that decision if another terrorist who trained with Abdulmutallab in Yemen succeeds in blowing up another plane?

Indeed. More important: will Obama defend HIS decision? And how will he do so?

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