Monday, December 21, 2009

Time To Replace the Head Coach

Nah. Not in Green Bay. He's doing a HELLUVA lot better than the (R) moron.

...on Mitch McConnell's record. When has this guy as leader actually won something rather than going down to a supposedly noble defeat? Here's what is pathetic: With more than 60 percent of the public opposing the health care bill, and a huge proportion of that number STRONGLY opposing it, the EASY part should have been holding all 40 Republican senators, and it should have been eminently doable to pick off just one of 60 Democrats (or Dem-caucusing independents).

Oh, there's more...

...McConnell talked a good game on confirming Bush's judges, until he actually had to deliver. Then he caved. (Actually, he caved on judges several times.) And he and his team did not focus on the right issues needed to make a vote for Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court a much harder vote for the Dems. Somehow, under the current leadership, the GOP has fallen from 55 senators to 40. And they keep losing on vote after vote after vote. If McConnell and his team are such geniuses at legislative maneuvering, we would know it by their string of victories. Oops.

McConnell (and his wife) have always been Leading Members of the Party Of Government (or Party IN Gummint, PIG for short.)

May as well take him out with all the other trash.


Dan said...

Totally agree. McConnell is a RINO in sheeps clothing.

Anonymous said...

This is news to you? You got some catchin-up to do, old boy.

neomom said...

Yup - I sent the message last year to my "R" Senator that Mitch "I Love Pork and Perks" McDonnell was not the right guy to be minority leader.

I actually got a phone call back, unfortunately with the usual tripe that amounted to "It's his turn".

That said, he as actually done better than I thought he would. But God help us if he gets to be Majority Leader.

Shoebox said...

Mitch is only upset because this has put a crimp in his cap and trade plans. If he's a Republican, I'm Julia Childs!