Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smurf DDOS: SBC Missed a Call

Talked to a very, very, very knowledgeable network guy this morning.

The Smurf DDOS/DOS attacks are hitting D-Link routers all over the country, with some users going off-'net as often as 3-4 times/hour.

Basically, that means that (while there is a s/w and firmware hole in the D-Link routers), ATT has not re-configured their router systems to foil the attacks.

As I mentioned, D-Link resolved the problem for me in about 3 minutes of walk-through instructions; the tech knew immediately what the problem was, and how to fix it.

Wish that SBC, or ATT, were as upfront in admitting that they had not addressed the problem yet.


TerryN said...

Did you have to download something or just change parameter(s)?

Dad29 said...

Just changed parameters. The last firmware update was 8/2006, and that was installed when I purchased the D-Link (2007).

TerryN said...

Thanks. I shall investigate further.