Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Smurf" Detection/Packet Dropped

I thought smurf attacks were old-school.

Have a bunch of them on my dlink log in the last several days...

Any thoughts?

UPDATE: SBC/ATT, of course, blamed D-Link. So I called D-Link. Their phone routine is kinda discouraging--"....we will require proof-of-purchase of your unit," ......."there is a limited time for warranty-service calls....." etc., yada yada.

Guy gets on the line, I describe the problem, we tweak internal settings on D-Link machine, problem solved! (That is, more than 4 hours 'net service without interruption as of now.)

D-Link gets the White Hat prize. Jury's still out on SBC/ATT.


Dan said...

What'a a smurf attack?

Dad29 said...

DDOS. Old-school stuff, first out in 1998 or so. Cascade of pings.

Dunno whether it's coming from SBC or from one of my machines.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

If you make the move to U-verse, you will not only get superior cable to TWC but they supply you with a new Ethernet port and wireless router (they manage and own). It's a vast improvement.

Display Name said...

Why would an attack coming from the outside be an ATT problem? They gave you a DLink router? For that matter, why is it a DLink problem? Keeping up to date on your firmware would be good practice.

Dad29 said...

1) B/C ATT is supposed to be monitoring unusual activity, determining the source(s) and likely results on their CUSTOMERS, and working to mitigate/eliminate same.

2) No. They gave me a modem. I bought the D-Link for wireless purposes.

3) Last firmware update issued on the DI-624 was August 2006. I'm up-to-date.

Thanks for your assistance, John.