Friday, April 24, 2009

Think the Economy's a Problem? Look at Pakistan

If you think that James "Three-Card-Monte" Doyle and his mentor, Obama-the-Fascist, are big problems, you're right.

But there's always the possibility of WORSE problems.

...Bill Roggio has even worse news - they’re [the taliban] also moving on the Haripur district, which neighbors not only Islamabad, but the military garrison city of Rawalpindi (headquarters of the Pakistani Army) and several nuclear facilities, including the facility where Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are reportedly stored. If memory serves, Pakistan has close to 100 nuclear weapons, already sized for ballistic-missile or tactical fighter delivery, and while they don’t possess any purely-military nuclear-capable assets that can hit American soil, they do have nuclear-capable assets that can easily hit Afghanistan.

You recall that US troops are in Afghanistan, right?

Eggster has more, here.


Adrienne said...

Obambi just keep offering up distractions. Keep the little people occupied with their own little petty problems while the rest of the world prepares to drop a big one on us.

paul said...

What problems? There's a new cute puppy in the White House!