Friday, April 24, 2009

Actual Union Mentality: Solidarity

Two demonstrations of the actual Union mentality (not to be confused with the typical one...)

In Caledonia, five unions, including the firefighters, have approved a salary cut of 2.5% from May through December; two unions have refused to accept the cuts.

“We’d rather take a pay decrease than see someone lose their job,” said Don Tiegs, vice president of Caledonia Professional Firefighters Local 2740.

Same thing at the Journal-Sentinel; the newsroom took 6+% pay cuts rather than dumping one or more of their brothers onto the street, unpaid.

Oldsters, such as I, recall the "Solidarity" song.

THAT is what it really means, folks.

HT: FoxPolitics


MAS1916 said...

They will be in solidarity right up until they all hit the unemployment line. After driving all manufacturing to China, there are fewer and fewer companies capable of providing employment.

Dad29 said...


"Driving mfg. to China" required more than one engineer.

Granted, unions were a problem. But then, so is the US Government, which mandates ecology, safety, wage/hour conditions--not to mention tax and regulatory costs, plus semi-mandates of health insurance, etc.).

And let us not discount Managements which (frankly) are practicing wage-arbitrage with Chinese and Indian offshores. It makes the bonus larger, you know.