Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ND's Fr, Jenkins v. His Bishop: Mano-a-???

Whether Fr. Jenkins of Notre Dame U. likes it or not, THE Catholic authority in South Bend is the local Bishop. Yes, it is a Goliath vs. David situation; it's likely that most people don't even know that South Bend has a Bishop--but they sure do know that there's a Golden Dome in that town.

Well, David issued a very strong statement about Goliath's smoochy-kissy-with-Obammy, and he remarks on Fr. Jenkins' defense of Fr. Jenkins' abominable decision.

1. The meaning of the sentence in the USCCB document relative to Catholic institutions is clear. It places the responsibility on those institutions, and indeed, on the Catholic community itself.

2. When there is a doubt concerning the meaning of a document of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, where does one find the authentic interpretation? A fundamental, canonical and theological principal (sic) states that it is found in the local bishop, who is the teacher and lawgiver in his diocese

...4. I reminded Father Jenkins that he indicated that he consulted presidents of other Catholic universities, and at least indirectly, consulted other bishops, since he asked those presidents to share with him those judgments of their own bishops. However, he chose not to consult his own bishop who, as I made clear, is the teacher and lawgiver in his own diocese

(5.)...Father Jenkins declared the invitation to President Obama does not “suggest support” for his actions, because he has expressed and continues to express disagreement with him on issues surrounding protection of life. I wrote that the outpouring of hundreds of thousands who are shocked by the invitation clearly demonstrates, that this invitation has, in fact, scandalized many Catholics and other people of goodwill. In my office alone, there have been over 3,300 messages of shock, dismay and outrage, and they are still coming in. It seems that the action in itself speaks so loudly that people have not been able to hear the words of Father Jenkins

(6.) would be one thing to bring the president here for a discussion on healthcare or immigration, and no person of goodwill could rightly oppose this. We have here, however, the granting of an honorary degree of law to someone whose activities both as president and previously, have been altogether supportive of laws against the dignity of the human person yet to be born.

In my letter, I have also asked Father Jenkins to correct, and if possible, withdraw the erroneous talking points, which appeared in the South Bend Tribune and in other media outlets across the country. The statements which Father Jenkins has made are simply wrong and give a flawed justification for his actions

Bp. D'Arcy's comments are, frankly, manly, which is not typical of US Bishop-talk.

And it's damn refreshing to see it!

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