Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doyle Rules, You're Screwed, Part 89,765

More Doyle governance stuffed down your throat (or up your....)

People would [that's WILL] see a surcharge of up to 75 cents on their monthly phone bills to pay for upgrading 911 services under a state budget provision adopted Tuesday by the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee

That's 75 cents, every month, for each and every phone line (cell or land) you use. And that's in addition to the $$Umpty-millions you ALREADY paid for 'upgrading' 911 centers.

Speaking of which:

A past surcharge on wireless phones, which ranged from 43 cents to 92 cents per line to help upgrade and maintain 911 centers, expired in July. The committee voted to use a $20.3 million surplus in that account as part of aid payments to local governments. Otherwise, cell phone owners would receive a one-time credit on their bill of $5 on average

Cute. The State overcharges you and then, looking at itself in a mirror, says "Keep the change, Bub!!"--then thanks itself, and puts your money in its pocket.

And finally, the Purchase-More-Votes-for-Doyle song is sung: You will now be forced to fund more pensions!!

The recommendation to extend pensions to part-time school aides came on an 11-4 party-line vote

State officials said they don't have a precise number of how many part-time workers it would affect, but suggested it could range from 2,500 to 8,400 employees. School districts would bear the costs, which amount to 10.4% of payroll

But if you think that's stupid, check this factoid:

...teachers qualify for pensions when they work 440 hours a year, while support staff don't qualify until they work 600 hours a year

If you have a 401(k), you generally have to work over 1,000 hours/year to qualify.

Thought you'd like to know that!

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